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  • Martin Mortimer says:

    good morning i am comming on holiday in june around the area of the cothi was just wondering what types of fishing are available on the cothi and fly selelction looking forward to your reply.

    • Daniel says:

      There are a few good areas on our waters notably in the upper reaches most of the usual trout patterns are recommendable but note able ones would be black gnats snipe and purple partridge and orange and also diawls and spiders

  • Jonathan Thomas says:

    Hello I went for a spin to Llanwrda the other day. Water was quite low but lots of small fish rising. Looking to possibly get a day ticket at some point to try it out before joining next year all goes well. Any tips on whats catching. I use FLy on the Amman and had Joy Salmon, Sewin and Trout. Any ideas what best method would be and what part of Llanwrda.

    Thank You


    • Daniel says:

      You can fish the fly all the way along that stretch and there are some cracking brownies up to 7lb and there is always a mid-late season run of sewin and salmon aswell well worth the spin up there if you catch the water right with a bit of colour in it.

  • Daniel says:

    Sunday 22nd of July a competition for all junior and senior members on Llys y fran reservoir hope to see you there

  • Daniel says:

    For all full members club waters competition this Sunday 15th July £2 entry plenty of fish about so come join in tightlines

  • Daniel James says:

    would it be possible to change the comp on sunday to an all method as a number of people would rather fish afly only later in the year due to a higher chance of catching a sewin or salmon please emyr

    • emyr says:

      Shouldn’t be a problem we can discuss on Friday evening – being it’s so cold conditions are far from ideal although the trials for the world fly fishing team is being held on the Tywi this weekend!

  • Daniel James says:

    white house mill twelve persons fishing at any one time, price on application,
    phone number:- 01834 831304

  • Alun says:

    Any news on how many fish are coming out on the Amman? Salmon and Sewin dont seem to be coming out in great numbers anywhere!!

  • Steve Lerwill says:

    Me and 7 year old Tom would like to thank CGMD for the amazing fishing gear they kindly provided for us. We are having so much fun. This week we’ve caught 3 carp over 7lb, some perch, some bream, some roach and a dace. Mrs Lerwill has started coming too – I think she’s getting lonely in an empty house – lol.

    Thanks very much CGMD

  • Alun says:

    Any news on the catch over the weekend? All conditions seemed to be good?

    • CGMD says:

      Alun, a few sewin came out water was up on all stretches which has moved fish up the whole system. Fish were caught at Mynachdu and Froodvale

  • Bill says:

    Agree with David,

    The beat page is really helpful.

  • David Tiddy says:

    Well done CGMD….The page showing each beat and page showing the water levels look really use full.

  • Bill "springwell" says:


    Stumbled on this by accident, lets hope it grows.

    Well done to all involved in its preperation.

    • CGMD says:

      Thanks Bill, this website sprung up quickly, thanks to an acquaintance who has kindly donated it to the club – it was after the newsletter went out but hopefully members will start to find it now it’s a couple of months old.

      • Bill says:

        I’ve let a few know about the website , not sure where my original comment went?

        Good luck, just need the right weather now to get the fish moving now!

  • David Tiddy says:

    Emyr, the site is developing well……but you should advertise the boat that the club keeps on the Usk……

  • Paul Roberts says:

    What a pleasant surprise to discover that CGMD now has a website. Da Iawn to everyone concerned.

    • CGMD says:

      Thanks Paul – this is all fresh and new, hopefully it will develop to be a handy tool for everyone – please tell everyone you know and contribute what you can

  • David Tiddy says:

    Hats off to Clwb Godre’r Mynydd Ddu and its new “On-line Presence”.

  • Steve says:

    If you have had a comment moderated you can then post straight to chat.

  • Steve says:

    The site is looking good Ems.

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