Bankside clearance at Tirallen by one of our members, for rthe benefit of all

One of our members has done some outstanding work clearing and grass cutting the banksides at Tirallen, if anyone needs any work done, Gary’s your man 

Gary Evans

Man and Machine Hire

07402 183986

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Fishing outside club boundaries

I have today received an email from the head of the syndicate who hold the waters below ours on the Towy at Tirallen. He caught a person playing a fish well below our lower boundary at island cottage, this person claimed to be a member of CGMD and was fishing with two other people. If this person is found to be a member of this club and does not have a very good reason to be fishing on our neighbours waters he will be expelled from the club, we will also consider banning his companions. This piece of water has been the subject of many legal wrangles over the years and we will not tolerate the possibility of losing the beat through the stupidity of any of our members.

The syndicate in question is headed by a team of solicitors and they have informed me that they will prosecute the next time there is an incident, I don’t believe that this is a bluff and I have agreed with them as to this course of action. If this does happen, make no mistake – you are on your own and the club will not even attempt to support you.

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Kevin Lewis memorial trophy in aid of Marie curie cancer care

We here at CGMD lost a valued member in Kevin ‘nog senior’ Lewis in January of 2013 so in his memory we began the Kevin Lewis memorial trophy and in its second year we are raising funds and awareness with the help of Marie curie cancer care of the dangers of cancer please join us on the 21st of June at the usk reservoir or donate a prize or money towards the cause you can contact me on here or through my email if you require sponsorship forms or you can call in the clubhouse on a Friday evening after 7:00 pm

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Important news about Llangunnor

Greetings from Africa!

Just to let everyone know – I’ve just been told that we still have the Wenallt beat at Llangunor so this year’s reduced permit price is exceptionally good value

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Important: changes to bag limits and fishing methods

Please take note that in the recent AGM to try and preserve and improve dwindling fish stocks and to esure continuity of our sport some changes were made to the bag limits and fishing methods allowed.Namely:


A limit of 2 migratory fish (either salmon or sea trout) may be killed in any 24 hour period 

All sea trout over 26 inches in length (approximately eight pounds weight) must be returned alive.

Only two salmon may be Killed in any 7 day period

After 31stof August One hook (single,double or treble) on any lure

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Our Fishing Under Serious Threat

On 22 July the Minister for Culture and Sport, John Griffiths AM announced a review of the legislative framework relating to access and outdoor recreation in Wales. The aim is to secure better access to the outdoors for recreation, modernise and simplify the current regulatory framework, and provide clarity and certainty and certainty over where people can go and what they can do there.

The main thrust of this review seems to be access to inland waters in other words the right to paddle as the guerrilla canoeists like to term it.

Make no mistake – the mention of rural access, rights of way and provision of allotments and community gardens is just window dressing to camouflage the fact that he wants to allow more unregulated access to canoeists.

Even the civil servants employed as ‘facilitators’ for this review are confessed rabid guerrilla canoeists!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is just a cynical ploy to resurrect the attempt by the Welsh canoe Association to gain free and unfettered access to paddle indiscriminately on our rivers with no respect of our rights as riparian owners.

This went before the Welsh Assembly sustainability committee a few years ago and the outcome was largely in our (the anglers’) favour but whose findings were not implemented by the then minister Jane Davidson as they didn’t fit her idea of giving canoeists free access.

The timelines are very tight with this consultation – ending next month and it is obvious that this minister (John Griffiths) is determined to railroad a bill through, walking roughshod over the rights of landowners, riparian owners and anglers (not to mention the adverse effect on the environment, fish and other wildlife).

There is no doubt that if we don’t fight this the only result possible will be legislation giving canoeists the right to enter our waters AT ANY TIME.


NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT! Make no mistake we are in danger of losing the enjoyment of our sport, the time for sitting back and letting others fight for us is long past.

I implore all members to write to their local AM and their regional AMs WITHIN THE NEXT TWO WEEKS

Ask friends and family who are sympathetic to our cause also to write

ALL members (including those not living inWales) should write to the First minister Carwyn Jones as well as the minister for Culture and sport John Griffiths.

ALL members should try to get to their AM’s surgeries to express their concerns


Letters are better than emails, but emails are better than nothing – both if you can be bothered!

Remember not to be aggressive in your writing as a lot of these AMs are on our side but as yet know little about this review (that’s how sly they have been) so we don’t want to alienate them.

Those of you who have labour AMs especially, point out to them that a lot of fishing rights in Wales uniquely are held by angling clubs set up by ordinary working class people – CGMD was set up mostly by miners and engineering workers who dipped into their hard earned savings to get the club on its feet. Fulfilling the socialist ideal of collective ownership.


Here is a link to the Welsh Government website for your AM’s details:


The Countryside Alliance have been quick off the mark in finding out about this review which seems to have been kept quiet with not even angling clubs and bodies like the CFF  being invited to the workshops and they are taking this matter so seriously that they are offering angling club members a reduced membership to help fight the campaign.This offer is only available by contacting Rachel Evans the Wales regional director personally – I think that £31.00 is a small price to pay to safeguard our sport and remember it gives extra benefits such as insurance and legal advice.

We will need money to fight this attack on our sport so clubs and associations are already being asked to contribute to a fighting fund – if you know anyone who can help, let me know.



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Salmon broodstock collection for Towy restocking

This is an appeal by Viv and Olwen at Llynyfan Hatchery, in conjuction with CFF they have done great work in boosting the salmon and sewin stocks on the Towy. I would implore all members to support their work and thus protect their own fishing:

Llyn-y-fan Hatchery are now collecting Salmon/Sea Trout Broodstock for the Towy restoration scheme.  With the recent introduction of Mandatory Catch & Release on the Wye, for the next ten years (NO Salmon or Sewin can be kept by anglers), it is more important than ever, that we all make our best efforts to maintain and improve our Towy fish stocks.  Some pipes are now being placed in productive areas, these need only be used if the hatchery can not collect tethered fish, or fish are caught late in the day.  It is important to keep fish in the water, when tethering when ever possible.  If you require any further information, please call the hatchery on 01550 740208 if no answer, please leave your name and number clearly and we shall call you back asap.
Deep hooked fish, are NOT suitable for Broodstock.
Many thanks,
Viv & Olwen

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Countryside Alliance awards

I’ve just found out the club has been nominated in this year’s rural oscars competition in the rural enterprise section – last year we came second in Wales – to help us have a better chance of winning, if you have five minutes log on to the Alliance website and put your nomination in also the link is here

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Fishing report – Towy

A lot of salmon coming out of Llangunor at the moment – ten at least on Friday 2nd

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Cothi Cup Saturday 9th July

River conditions were excellent for the Cothi Saturday with fish moving on all beats

Five sewin and a few trout caught. results as follows

1. Wyn James 2. Ryan James 3. Emyr Jenkins 4.  Daniel James

Next competition 7th August club waters – an earlier one may be held if  river levels are ideal.

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