Fishing outside club boundaries

I have today received an email from the head of the syndicate who hold the waters below ours on the Towy at Tirallen. He caught a person playing a fish well below our lower boundary at island cottage, this person claimed to be a member of CGMD and was fishing with two other people. If this person is found to be a member of this club and does not have a very good reason to be fishing on our neighbours waters he will be expelled from the club, we will also consider banning his companions. This piece of water has been the subject of many legal wrangles over the years and we will not tolerate the possibility of losing the beat through the stupidity of any of our members.

The syndicate in question is headed by a team of solicitors and they have informed me that they will prosecute the next time there is an incident, I don’t believe that this is a bluff and I have agreed with them as to this course of action. If this does happen, make no mistake – you are on your own and the club will not even attempt to support you.

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