Club Waters

Club waters

2. Towy Llanwrda – Tirallen

Higher up the Towy between Llangadog and Llandovery affording good water for sea trout and salmon fishing on the fly or indeed worm or spinner. An ideal fall back during spate conditions when the fish are running and levels are too high at Llangunor



3. Cothi Pontargothi – Mynachdu

Not far from the confluence with the Towy Sea trout and salmon will hold here whilst waiting for a flood to take them upstream.Convenient for Llangunnor and a good stop over at lunchtime for the Crescelly arms before venturing upstream for the rest of the club’s fishing



4. Cothi Abergorlech – Maesybidiau

Halfway between Nangaredig and our Crugybar beat this secluded beat holds the club (and possibly the Cothi) record sea trout.A good holding spot for both salmon and sea trout




5. Cothi Crugybar – Ffroodvale and Gwargorof

Over two miles of double bank fishing numerous holding pools with good runs of sea trout throughout the season, wild brown trout fishing and the chance of a salmon




6. Cothi Cwrtycadno – Frongoch and Aberbranddu

challenging wild fishing from the Roman gold mines to the source of the Cothi a fun day’s fishing for the adventurous angler in unspoilt ountryside and waters




7. River Aman Pontaman to Garnant

One of the hidden gems of South West Wales fisheries. This river which once ran yellow from the effluent of the coalmines and tinworks is now a sparkling example of the area’s regeneration – the wild brown trout survived all the pollution: it boasts trophy sea trout and a prolific late seasom salmon run