Countryside Alliance awards

I’ve just found out the club has been nominated in this year’s rural oscars competition in the rural enterprise section – last year we came second in Wales – to help us have a better chance of winning, if you have five minutes log on to the Alliance website and put your nomination in also the link is here

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Fishing report – Towy

A lot of salmon coming out of Llangunor at the moment – ten at least on Friday 2nd

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Cothi Cup Saturday 9th July

River conditions were excellent for the Cothi Saturday with fish moving on all beats

Five sewin and a few trout caught. results as follows

1. Wyn James 2. Ryan James 3. Emyr Jenkins 4.  Daniel James

Next competition 7th August club waters – an earlier one may be held if  river levels are ideal.

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Weekend fishing prospects

Heavy rain in all areas last night means all river levels are up.

The Cothi at Abergorlech looked very inviting at 9 pm with more rain on the way: it should mean the Sea trout will push up making for good fishing in the next few days.

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Llysyfran 03/07/11

The Motley crew about to set off on the annual Llysyfran fish fest

A very hot and cloudless day at Llysyfran but nevertheless a good day was had by all.

results as follows

Under elevens

1. Joshuah Rockey 2.Sophie Rockey 3.Jasmine Rockey 4. Cory James

Over eleven

1. Daniel James 2. Breig  Mattews 3. Steffan Keyte 4, Dylan James

Juniors heaviest fish – Joshuah Rockey 3lb 1/2 ounce


1. Wyn James 2. Kevin Lewis 3. Karene Thomas 4.Emyr Jenkins 5.  Ryan James

heaviest fish Emyr jenkins 3 lb 1 3/8 oz

The next competition will be on club waters Saturday 9th July o fishing before 6 a.m. weigh in at the club by 7 p.m.

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